How to move your life, your dog and your business abroad

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Want to house-swap with us in 2015?

Hello Friends, We are looking for someone in the Fraser Valley who might be interested in doing a home swap with us during July, Aug or Sept, 2015. Our beautiful … Continue reading

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Going Home for the Summer or Why Grown Up Humans Shouldn’t Live With Their Parents or Why We Decided to More Than Double Our Rent or Why Playa is Home Now

It gets really hot in Playa del Carmen in the Summer. Like REALLY hot. Like, don’t leave your house just stay in the air conditioning, hot. Also, Vancouver, BC is … Continue reading

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How many realtors does it take to find an apartment in Playa del Carmen?

Jamie, Samson and I arrived back in Playa on September 28th, just after it started to rain in Vancouver. We wanted to get back for some of the low season … Continue reading

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Tulum Ruins – You’ve come a long way, Baby

I first visited the ruins of Tulum in 2000 when they were little more than some barely uncovered piles of rock covered in scattered McDonald’s garbage. Back then, the site … Continue reading

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Coba – A step back in time

Coba is an ancient Mayan site of ruins located about 44 km northwest of Tulum. The true allure of Coba is that, despite being mostly excavated and fairly well preserved, … Continue reading

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How to renew your Mexican traveller’s Visa and other common mishaps

When travelling to Mexico, you will be issued a 3 – 6 months visitor’s visa upon arrival.  If you carry a Canadian or American passport, you will automatically be granted … Continue reading

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